This list brings together all the existing Omeka S modules.

All plugins can be downloaded freely on, or Some of them are old, broken, unsupported or a work in progress. Usually, they work at least on one site. But most of them are up-to-date for Omeka Classic and useful. Some of them are listed in

Already 126 / 514 (24%) plugins – the most used ones – have an equivalent module for Omeka S, and 17 automatic upgraders are available with the plugin Upgrade to Omeka S or the module Omeka 2 Importer

Feel free to add missing plugins or modules, or to create an upgrader for the plugin Upgrade to Omeka S, or an importer for the module Omeka 2 Importer.

Warning: Don’t install alpha or beta version of addons on a site in production, or help the developper to finalize it.

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Module Author Updated Constraint License Tags Description
Advanced Search Plus Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-17
<2.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 search,
Add some fields to the advanced search form (before/after creation date, has media, media type, etc.).
Alt Text John Flatness 2019-08-09
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 Customize alt text for media
Amazon S3 Storage Jared Howland 2019-01-20
MIT Omeka S Storage module for Amazon S3 based on the official AWS SDK.
Amazon S3 Daniel Berthereau 2019-02-05
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 amazon s3,
file system
Files store that integrates with Amazon S3.
Analytics Snippet - Piwik / Matomo Daniel Berthereau 2019-06-19
^1.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 seo,
Submodule for Analytics Snippet to track json (in particular Omeka S API) and xml (like with OAI-PMH Repository) calls with Piwik / Matomo.
Analytics Snippet Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-03
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 seo,
Add a snippet, generally a javascript tracker, at the end of the public or admin pages, and allows to track json and xml requests.
Annotate Daniel Berthereau for EHESS 2019-07-26
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 annotation,
w3c recommendation,
linked data
Implement the W3C Web Annotation Ontology to let users annotate, tag, comment, rate, highlight, draw, etc. any resource in a normalized way.
Annotate images and maps (Cartography) Daniel Berthereau for EHESS 2019-02-04
^1.2.0 CeCILL-2.1 annotation,
Allows to annotate images and to locate data on standard wms maps with the w3c web annotation data model and vocabulary.
Any Cloud Jared Howland 2019-08-27
^1.3.0 || ^2.0.0 MIT amazon s3 aws,
digital ocean,
file system
Omeka S module for storing items in the cloud storage of your choice.
Api Info Daniel Berthereau 2019-08-27
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 api,
Gives access to some infos about Omeka sites and resources, that are not available in the default api, mainly for external apps.
Archive Folder Daniel Berthereau 2016-03-29
Automatically import a local or remote folder into Omeka as collections, items, files, and metadata.
Archive Repertory Daniel Berthereau, Omeka S port by BibLibre 2019-07-17
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 hierarchical archive,
Keeps original names of imported files and put them in a hierarchical structure (collection / item / files) in order to get readable urls for files and to avoid an overloading of the file server.
Ark BibLibre 2018-03-28
>=v1.0.0-beta3 Create short, unique, meaningless, universal and persistent identifiers (ark and/or noid) and use them as urls for records.
Base Pols12 2018-07-18
Base of a module to execute a script.
Basket 2019-09-17
Allow user to add basket
Block Plus Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.1.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL-2.1 block,
Add some new blocks for the static pages and improve some of the existing ones.
Blocks Disposition Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-16
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL-2.1 theme,
user interface
Manage automatic display of features of the modules in the resource pages.
Bulk Check Daniel Berthereau 2019-03-06
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 admin,
Check metadata of resources and files.
Bulk Edit Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-15
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 admin,
Add search and replace functionality allowing curators to update and clean metadata over many resources quickly and easily.
Bulk Export Daniel Berthereau (inspired from a classic plugin of BibLibre) 2019-07-01
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 admin,
Extensible bulk export module.
Bulk Import Files Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-15
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 administration,
Import files in bulk with their internal metadata (exif, iptc and xmp for images, audio and video, pdf, etc.).
Bulk Import Daniel Berthereau (inspired from a classic plugin of BibLibre) 2019-07-17
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 admin,
Extensible bulk import module.
Citation Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL-2.1 citation,
Displays a standard citation for items and bibliographic resources.
Clean Url Daniel Berthereau, Omeka S port by BibLibre 2019-07-13
^1.0.0 CECILL-2.1 url,
Displays clean, seo and readable URLs like
COinS Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (Omeka S port by BibLibre) 2017-11-08
GPLv3 metadata,
Adds COinS metadata to item pages, making them Zotero readable.
Collecting Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^2.0.0 Add collecting forms to your sites.
Column Maker Cu La 2019-05-07
^1.0.0 columns,
Add some columns to the page without invoking the HTML module
Comment Daniel Berthereau (port and improvement from the RRCHNM Omeka Classic plugin) 2019-09-15
~1.1 CeCILL v2.1 comment,
public interaction,
Add public and/or private commenting on item sets, items and media and manage them.
Contact us Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-25
^1.2.0 CeCILL-2.1 block,
Add a site page block with a ”Contact us” form.
Correction Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-15
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 public interaction,
Allow visitors identified by a token to correct, complete and translate metadata of a resource.
CSS Editor Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media 2018-08-02
Add public CSS styles through the admin interface.
CSS Editor Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, upgraded by BibLibre and Daniel Berthereau 2019-06-17
^1.1.0 GPL-3.0 theme,
Add public CSS styles through the admin interface.
CSSEditor Omeka Team 2019-09-11
^2.0.0 Allows for CSS overrides.
CSV Import Omeka Team and Daniel Berthereau 2019-08-08
^2.0.0 GPLv3 import,
bulk upload,
bulk update
Import and update content (items, item sets, media, users) from a CSV, a TSV or an ODS file.
Custom Advanced Search Omeka Team 2019-08-06
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Customize the advanced search form
Custom Ontology Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-15
^1.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 ontology,
Create specific classes and properties to describe resources when no standard ontologies can be used.
Custom Vocab Omeka Team 2019-09-17
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Describe your resources using vocabularies you create.
DataScribe Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2019-09-13
^2.0.0 Transcribe structured data
DataTypeClass Limonade&Co 2018-11-16
^1.2.0 Allow user to choose a specific resource class as datatype
Data Type Geometry Daniel Berthereau for EHESS 2019-02-04
^1.2.0 CeCILL-2.1 annotation,
Adds data types Geometry and Geography to store markers and area highlights of images and maps with wkt.
Derivative Images Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-17
^1.1.0 CECILL-2.1 admin,
Recreate (or create) derivative images.
Diva Viewer Daniel Berthereau 2019-02-12
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 viewer,
digital library,
image comparison
Integrates Diva, an advanced, light and themable viewer, in order to display one or multiple images, local or remote, via the IIIF standard.
Dspace Connector Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^2.0.0 Connect Omeka S to DSpace repositories.
EAD Daniel Berthereau 2019-05-15
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 EAD,
hierarchic list
Allow to import EAD and to visualize archival finding aids as a tree of documents.
Easy Install Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 utility,
Module for installing modules and themes from the web ( and
eBook Creator Daniel Berthereau 2019-08-01
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 export,
Merge selected resources into an ePub or a pdf file for publishing, report, or archiving purpose.
EhpSearchForm Pols12 2019-02-19
Letter and biblio search forms for e-HP website
Exploratory Map Corey Tegeler 2018-04-24
Export Laura Eiford 2019-08-16
>=1.0.0 <2.1 GPLv3 export,
bulk edit,
bulk update
Export collection metadata into a CSV file.
Extract Ocr bubdxm 2019-03-14
This omeka module allow creation of xml files from pdf using pdftohtml. The xml is stored as a new file associated with the item. (Upgrade From
Extract Text Omeka Team 2019-08-29
^1.4.0 || ^2.0.0 Extract text from files to make them searchable.
Fedora Connector Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^2.0.0 Connect Omeka S to Fedora 4 repositories.
File Sideload Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 Add files that are already on your server to items.
Folksonomy Daniel Berthereau 2018-10-11
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 tag,
Add tags and tagging form to any resource to create uncontrolled vocabularies and tag clouds.
Generic Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL-2.1 development Bring together all one-time methods used to install or to config another module.
Google Analytics Digirati 2018-07-23
^1.0.0 Omeka-S module for adding Google Analytics tracking code
Google Analytics Jesús Bocanegra Linares, Libnamic 2019-08-13
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 - web,
Includes simple support for Google Analytics in Omeka S
GroupEdit Adam Doan 2019-03-19
^1.1.0 GNU General Public License v3.0 administration,
Extend the Groups module, allowing group membership to edit shared content.
Group Daniel Berthereau 2019-06-19
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 administration,
Add groups to users and resources to manage the access rights and the resource visibility in a more flexible way.
Guest Daniel Berthereau (improvements based on BibLibre port) 2019-06-18
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 authentication,
Adds a guest role. Can’t access backend, but allows plugins to use an authenticated user.
Guest User Biblibre 2018-01-10
>=1.0.0-beta5 CeCILL v2.1 authentication,
Adds a guest user role. Can’t access backend, but allows plugins to use an authenticated user.
Hide Properties John Flatness 2019-08-09
^1.1.0 || ^2.0.0 GPLv3
IdRef BibLibre 2017-11-08
Add IdRef data type
IIIFHosting Klokantech 2018-10-25
(v. 1.0.0-beta)
^1.0.0-beta3 IIIFHosting connector
IiifSearch bubdxm 2018-12-10
Search api for universal viewer module.
IIIF Server Daniel Berthereau, Omeka S port by BibLibre 2019-07-25
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 iiif,
image server,
Integrates the IIIF specifications and a simple IIP Image Server to allow to process and share instantly images of any size and medias (pdf, audio, video, 3D…) in the desired formats.
Internationalisation Daniel Berthereau for 2019-09-17
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 translation,
Manage languages and translation by site and pages, and add a language switcher for the front-end.
ItemCopy Géraldine Geoffroy 2019-06-06
Allow copy/paste Resources in one click in the browse items page of admin Dashboard
Item Sets Tree Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media 2017-03-08
Gives administrators the ability to create a hierarchical tree of their collections.
jQueryUI BibLibre 2018-03-07
Provides jQueryUI for other modules
Ldap Tim Hollies 2019-06-27
^1.0.0-beta2 Authenticate Omeka-S users with LDAP
Lockout Daniel Berthereau (port of Johan Eenfeldt's plugin for WordPress) 2018-07-05
^1.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 login,
Limit rate of login attempts for each IP to avoid brute-force attacks.
Log Daniel Berthereau 2019-08-27
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 monitor,
Monitor all logging messages and background jobs directly in the admin board or in the cloud and make them translatable and easily checkable.
Maintenance Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 administration,
Add a setting to set the site under maintenance for the public. Can be disabled when unused.
Mapping American Religious Ecologies Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2019-08-14
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 Enable functionality needed for Mapping American Religious Ecologies.
Mapping Omeka Team 2019-08-17
^2.0.0 Add location info to your items and sites.
Metadata Browse Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Adds a link to same results for metadata values.
Metadata Editor Laura Eiford 2019-05-23
^1.0.0 GPLv3 metadata,
bulk edit,
bulk update
Find and replace for item metadata.
Mirador Brumfield Labs, LLC 2019-01-22
^0.1.0 Apache
Mirador Viewer Daniel Berthereau 2019-06-14
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 viewer,
digital library,
image comparison
Integrates Mirador, an advanced viewer, in order to display one or multiple images, local or remote, via the IIIF standard.
My My Organization 2018-05-01
^1.0.0 Module dictionnaire pour Omeka-S
Neatline Scholars Lab 2019-06-02
>=1.2.0 Apache License, Version 2.0 Plot your course in space and time.
Network Map Corey Tegeler 2018-04-02
Next Daniel Berthereau 2019-09-17
^1.2.0 CeCILL-2.1 feature,
Bring together various features too small to be a full module; may be integrated in the next release of Omeka S, or not.
OAI-PMH Harvester David Dean - based on code from Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media and Daniel Berthereau 2019-05-02
^1.0.0 GNU/GPL v3 harvest,
bulk import,
Harvest content from an OAI-PMH repository.
OAI-PMH Repository BibLibre 2018-09-10
Exposes Omeka items as an OAI-PMH repository.
OAI-PMH Repository BibLibre (port from Omeka Classic plugin of John Flatness), improved by Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-16
^1.0.0 GPL-3.0 share,
open data,
library protocol,
dublin core,
Exposes Omeka items as an OAI-PMH repository.
OAI Pmh Harvester Vincent Buard for PSL 2019-05-02
^1.0.0 Harvest OaiPmh repositories.
Omeka 2 Importer Omeka Team 2019-08-29
^2.0.0 Import content from an Omeka 2 site via its API.
Omeka S - Domain Manager University of Toronto Libraries 2019-09-17
>=1.3.0 Maps a site to domain
Omeka Starter Kit Stephen Fraser 2018-08-13
^1.0.0 Developer friendly example of Omeka module
Omeka Twig Tim Hollies 2017-03-06
^1.0.0-beta Use twig templates in Omeka-S themes
ORCID Connector Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media 2019-07-31
^1.1.0 Connect users and their content to ORCID data
PDF Embed John Flatness 2019-08-09
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Embed PDF files within Omeka S pages
PdfText Vincent BUARD 2018-10-17
Extract data from PDF files for indexation
PdfToc bubdxm, bases PDF TOC plugin omeka 2019-01-11
Extracts table of contents from PDF files
Pdf Viewer Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-24
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 viewer,
document viewer
Display pdf directly in public pages via the browser viewer or a customizable internal viewer.
Psl BibLibre 2018-11-06
Various things specific to PSL
PslSearchForm BibLibre 2019-07-04
PSL search form
RDF Datatype Daniel Berthereau 2019-05-26
^1.1.0 CECILL-2.1 semantic web,
w3c recommendation,
linked data
Implement the main W3C RDF datatypes (html, xml, boolean, integer, decimal and date/time) in order to simplify user input and to give more semanticity to values of resources.
Reference Daniel Berthereau 2019-07-11
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 glossary,
tree view,
Add glossary pages and blocks with the alphabetical indexes of specified classes and properties.
RestrictedSites Laurent Thomas 2019-08-11
^1.2.0 || ^2.0.0 Restricts access of public sites to the user list defined in site settings. Displays a login landing page for anonymous users.
Rights Statements John Flatness 2019-08-09
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0
S3 FileStore John Flatness 2019-07-26
(v. 1.0.0-alpha)
^1.2.0 Store files in Amazon S3
SACO Laurent Thomas 2019-06-18
SACO - Simple Analogue Camera Ontoloy - Vocabulary to describe analogue cameras, lenses and brands.
Scripto Omeka Team 2019-08-08
(v. 1.0.0-beta4)
^2.0.0 Transcribe and translate items.
Search adapter for Solr BibLibre, improved by Daniel Berthereau 2019-02-20
^1.2.0 CECILL-2.1 Solr,
Search Omeka resources instantly and deeply with Lucene / Solr
Search by Visibility Bruno Favaretto 2019-06-08
^1.4.0 CeCILL v2.1 search,
Add visibility options to the advanced search form.
Search BibLibre 2019-08-19
>=1.0.0 Add search capabilities to Omeka S
Search Daniel Berthereau (improvements based on BibLibre port) 2019-09-02
^1.3.0 CECILL-2.1 search,
advanced search,
Add search capabilities to Omeka S
Sharing Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Share and embed content on the web
Simple Block John Flatness 2018-06-21
Simple Carousel ESnark 2018-11-25
^1.1.0 MIT Display carousels into pages
Solr BibLibre 2019-01-30
>=1.0.0 Add Solr search adapter
SolrImprovements Pols12 2018-08-27
Ajoute la possibilité d’indexer une propriété spécifique d’une ressource liée. (En attendant l’intégration de la Pull Request.)
STest Patrick Murray-John 2016-10-18
Test a bunch of random stuff
Storymap Alan Stanley 2019-01-05
^1.0.0 CeCILL v2.1 storymap,
Integrate the Knightlab Storymap to create advanced storymaps from the geocordinates of items.
Timeline Daniel Berthereau 2019-04-19
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 timeline,
data visualization
Integrate the Simile Timeline and the Knightlab Timeline to create advanced timelines from the dates of items.
Translations Daniel Berthereau 2019-06-06
^1.0.0 CECILL-2.1 theme,
Allows to add specific translations of strings, in particular the hard-coded texts in the theme.
unAPI Omeka Team 2019-08-19
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Make your item metadata discoverable using unAPI.
Universal Viewer Daniel Berthereau, Omeka S port by BibLibre 2019-04-23
^1.2.0 CeCILL v2.1 viewer,
digital library
Integrates the Universal Viewer in order to create carousels of virtual books from image files and to display any media file (pdf, audio, video, 3D…) in a unified player.
Upgrade from Omeka Classic Daniel Berthereau 2019-02-04
^1.3.0 CeCILL v2.1 omeka theme,
compatibility layer
Add a compatibility layer to use Omeka Classic themes that were upgraded via the plugin Upgrade to Omeka Semantic.
URI Dereferencer Omeka Team 2019-08-05
(v. 1.0.0-alpha)
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Dereferences URIs when viewing items, media, and item sets.
Value Suggest Omeka Team 2019-08-29
^1.0.0 || ^2.0.0 Describe your resources using auto-suggested values from controlled vocabulary services.
ViewerJS Daniel Berthereau 2018-11-20
^1.1.0 CeCILL v2.1 viewer,
document viewer,
open document,
Display standard document formats (pdf and office: pdf, odt, ods, odp) in a light unified player.
Zotero Import Omeka Team 2019-08-08
^2.0.0 Import items and files from Zotero user and group libraries.