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Module Author Updated License Tags Description
AHP Pols12 2018-08-12
AIDHP Jason A. Heppler 2018-11-11
(v. 1.0.0-beta)
American Religious Ecologies Omeka Team 2020-12-13
APAR Vincent Maillard
Appalachian Trail Histories Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2021-05-25
Bootstrap Monica Wood - University of Tasmania & Medeopolis IT Solutions 2021-02-09
Omeka S theme based on bootstrap -
BUM BibLibre, updated by Daniel Berthereau 2019-01-11
Omeka S theme for Paris Sciences et Lettres [module Search required]
BYU-Idaho SPC Jon Fackrell & Katie Cagle 2021-05-11
cartoaffect Samuel Szoniecky - Laboratoire Paragraphe - Université Paris 8 2020-06-02
CCSTW-Theme billxu 2020-09-03
CCSTW-Theme billxu 2021-05-11
Center Row Omeka Team 2021-05-24
Collecting These Times Spoke Omeka Team 2021-02-24
A theme for the Collecting These Times projects, based off Foundation S.
Cozy Omeka Team 2021-05-24
Dartmouth Historical Accountability Agile Humanities Agency 2021-05-26
Default Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media | Modified by Leah Donaldson 2020-05-17
dharc-omeka-s-theme DHARC 2020-05-21
Digital Collecting UVA Library Scholars' Lab 2021-05-25
Digital Muret Federico Nurra (inspiré par Roy Rosenzweig Centerrow) pour l'INHA 2021-05-25
Un thème inspiré par le thème Centerrow de Roy Rosenzweig
DLME Skin DLME Team 2021-06-10
Explore/Grid Ben Bakelaar, adapted from IIP theme by Anneliese Dehner 2020-10-25
A responsive theme for Omeka-S v3.x with full configuration controls
Foundation Omeka Team 2021-05-26
Foundation Omeka Team 2021-02-13
A starter theme using the ZURB Foundation toolkit.
GPP PoC King's Digital Lab 2018-01-18
Hearing Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2021-03-09
IIP Default Ben Bakelaar < Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2018-05-14
Istanbul Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2017-09-27
(v. 1.0.0-beta)
Journal of a Plague Year Extra Small Design 2021-05-26
Based on Omeka S Default Theme
Kanze Archive Satoru Nakamura, BibLibre, updated by Daniel Berthereau 2018-03-10
Omeka S theme for kanze archive in the University of Tokyo [module Search required]
K_Sharp Alex Dryden and Ben Ostermeier 2021-05-18
Omeka S Theme for the University of Illinois Library. Named for Katharine Sharp, the first directory of the Library Science program at the university. Based on a theme for Omeka Classic by the University of Michigan Library.
Libnamic Libnamic 2021-04-09
Nonviolence Anneliese Dehner 2020-10-19
Papers Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media 2021-05-10
Theme based on the Papers of the War Department project. This theme also includes a companion Scripto theme.
Penn State Arts & Architecture NikkiMK 2021-05-26
PSL BibLibre 2019-11-18
Omeka S theme for PSL
PSL BibLibre, improved by Daniel Berthereau 2021-06-08
CeCILL-2.1 Omeka S theme for Paris Sciences & Lettres
Reanimated David Banks 2020-06-15
Slavery Images Brumfield Labs, LLC 2020-12-10
SpeakOut Agile Humanities 2021-05-26
Created for Dartmouth College Libraries by Agile Humanities Agency, 2019. Adapted from the Omeka Default theme.
The Daily Omeka Team 2021-05-24
University of Oregon Libraries Corey Gillen University of Oregon 2021-05-25
UTAAR type B Satoru Nakamura, UTokyo Academic Archives Development Project Office 2018-03-07
Omeka S theme for default collection of UTokyo Academic Archives Repository [module Universal Viewer required]
UTDA Satoru Nakamura 2018-03-20
Omeka S theme for UTokyo Academic Archives Repository [module Universal Viewer & Search required]
Yale University Library Online Exhibitions Top Menu Dana Haugh and Trip Kirkpatrick for Yale University Library 2021-03-01
(v. 2.0.0-alpha)
Theme for Yale University Library online exhibits with top menu
Yoruba Diaspora Brumfield Labs, LLC 2021-03-23